tank compartment overview
detail of tank compartment
support plate - top
support plate detail
support plate underneath
setting screw travel - image composition

Above is an overview of the tank compartment when the water tank and the supporting plate are taken away, and a detail of the circular hole where the microswitch metal "tounge" lever can be seen. This microswitch lever must be pushed down for the machine to work.

To the right are images of the supporting plate, from above, from underneath and a detail of the setting screw with stop nut. The screw is set almost all the way out, only a few "threads" hold it in its place.

Below is a composition of two images, showing total screw travel from empty to full water tank. Just above 1 cm. A few millimetres change in the screw position will make a big difference.

Vibiemme water tank level control

overview of water tank compartment
Microswith tounge
setting screw with stop nut (brass)
setting screw travel distance is around 1 cm.