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Update june 2010: The Bicycle DIY archive page, much like the Audio DIY Circuits page, showcases other people's DIY bicycle designs, who I hope to help bring to a wider audience through creating more web presence. Harald Winklers MEUFL technology 12 kg velomobile is the first one so far.

Harald Winkler's MEUFEL Technology Velomobile

This velomobile, made from scratch by herr Harald Winkler, Germany, is an outstanding example of creativity and new thinking in bicycle design. I would like it to achieve world fame as soon as possible. I hope that some good-hearted and smart bicycle or velomobile builder sees these videos and comes to an agreement with the designer to start serial production of it, for the benefit of all bicycle commuters.

I find it hard to describe in one sentence why it is so good - there are many reasons. You will need to watch the videos on, linked from here. Suffice it to say that of all the velomobiles I have seen so far, this is the one that I would run off and buy immediately if it was available at my dealer. It is not cute, but smart. It is not a touring monster, but light, swift, and designed for the commuter's reality.

Jon Bendtsen, who is the creator of these videos, filmed them on occasion at the 6th velomobile seminar in Copenhagen. He made the videos he filmed publicly available through They are a bit hard to find unless you know exactly what you are looking for. But seeing these movies is essential in understanding the greatness of herr Winkler's creation. So I made them viewable here, on a dedicated page.

6th European seminar on velomobile design: Short examinations

The half-hour long video from the seminar held by Harald Winkler is very very interesting, but perhaps some short clips of it first would be nice?
This will give you several of my "many reasons" above to why this is so good. It will also immediately show you that this velomobile is very different from the mainstream velomobile design, if there is such a thing.
As stated before, all these videos are created by Jon Bendtsen, who has kindly made them available through

The above links all go to the video clips that are at big video archive. I just made another window for them...
For the complete "short examination" videos you will be best off navigating to the playlist at by clicking here. It opens in a new window, so if you want to come back here you will need to close that window.

6th European seminar on velomobile design: Harald Winkler "12 kg velomobile" presentation held in Copenhagen

You will probably also want to watch the 30 minute seminar presentation. Warning! If you are interested in building velomobiles this will keep you riveted to the screen the whole time, so don't plan anything else for the next 30 minutes...

Seminar video created by Jon Bendtsen.

The perimeter frame with integrated seat, the cockpit hood with pre-peller (yes, pre, not pro), the u-joint steering, the recyclability of the fairing - there are many things to admire.

Herr Winkler has also made the official paper presentation of his MEUFEL velomobile available through the danish HPV website - liggecykelforeningen.