MLTL Ariel Project: in the shop.

some images from the crowded little shop - boxes are glued together on all sides but for the front baffle. Side, back and bottom panels are birch plywood, 21 mm. Top panel and front baffle are spruce, 42 mm.


Front view with baffle off.
no bracing is yet made for this cabinet. I was thinking of trying the Michael Green method... but perhaps the swiss cheese bracing is better?

Lying down, baffle mounted.
The hole on the bottom is the port hole.


Lying down, baffle off again.
Scalloping of holes for the mid/bass driver visible. Perhaps more is needed.


Back view .
The small hole some 20 cm from the floor is where the Speakon contact goes.


Detail view of the port.
Since this is 42 mm spruce, even though I had a large plunge router I had to cut all driver cutouts and the port cutout from both sides, like they do when digging a tunnel for example. This means measuring twice and doubling the risk of making a measuring/marking mistake. This is one of the more successfulcutouts where I managed to find almost exactly the same center point on both sides.
To the left, on the cabinet, the "real" bottom panel is visible. An extra 5 mm plywood sheet is sandwiched on to it. See next image caption.


Bottom view.
A thin extra bottom panel is sandwiched and screwed to the real bottom panel (visible on the picture above this one).
The thin bottom panel is also screwed - not glued - to the side panels. Of course, this is because I might need to get inside the 'speaker again and change things: port, stuffing, bracing and such.


Both speakers with baffles "mounted".
And of course, here we have the left speaker to the right, and the right one to the left...